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This scale, man, I tell ya. Or is it just me? I don't know, the body acts weird sometimes. My weight all week was +0.4, +0.2, -0.2, even, -0.4, and finally +0.2 on Friday. I slept great that night, stepped on the scale Saturday, -1.8 pounds, making it -1.6 pounds for the entire week. Followed that up Sunday +0.2, because I didn't exercise on Saturday. Still, once again, I really thought this was going to be that stagnant week I keep talking about, and my scale surprised me with a huge loss. I thought maybe it was broken, but it's digital and not that old, and it was almost the same on Sunday, so I don't know how my body got rid of almost two pounds in a day, but I'm ecstatic! The 11th of each month marks another full month of diet and exercise, and I've now completed five full months of this regimen, and I've lost 30 pounds. THIRTY GOD-DAMNED POUNDS. Amazing. I'm 214 lbs. as of today. I wasn't going to reveal actual numbers until I hit my first goal of 44 pounds lost, but 30 is a huge number to me. Getting down to 200 pounds is still goal number one, and the estimated date of hitting that goal is November 18th, if not earlier.

Here's what my time on the treadmill has looked like the past couple weeks:
      20 mins @ 2.1 mph = 0.70 mi
      20 mins @ 2.4 mph = 0.80 mi
      20 mins @ 2.7 mph = 0.90 mi
      20 mins @ 3.0 mph = 1.00 mi
      10 mins @ 2.0 mph = 0.34 mi
      90 mins             3.74 mi total
My treadmill estimates I burn 385 calories with this routine. This is all walking, which, like I've said from the beginning, is the least I could be doing. I imagine if I started doing any sort of high intensity workouts, I could accelerate my weight loss process even quicker, but this pace and groove I'm in right now is perfect. Soccer starts this week, so that's where I'm going to get my running and sprints in.

The fall season starts on Tuesday. Because of teams leaving the league and new teams joining, my Division 4 team moved up in to Division 3. D3 is now comprised of three D3 teams and three D4 teams from the spring. My Division 5 team moved up to Division 4. There's only one 35+ men/30+ women division, our Masters division, so no changes there. Our college kid ringer won't be back for the fall on my D4 team, so I should get back to playing forward more often. On my Masters team, one of the guys (who never played anything but forward) was injured and won't be back, so I should get more forward time on that team as well. I'm pretty sure I'll have the same problem getting forward time on my D3 team with there being no changes that I know of yet, but we'll see. I'm sure I'm getting my hopes up and will be thoroughly disappointed the second I show up for my first D4 game on Tuesday. My Masters team doesn't start until the 23rd, and my D3 team starts on the 29th.

I went to Best Buy over the weekend. I wanted to see if they had the new 311 album in stock. I see the sign for "music and movies" and head over to that section. One row of movies... two rows of movies... three rows of movies, where the hell is the music? I looked around for a few minutes, completely dumbfounded. Then, across the main aisle from all the DVDs, I spot the music rack. They had one double-sided display rack's worth of CDs for sale. This is like, 1/20th of the music they used to sell 20 years ago. Man, if that isn't a sign of the times and how old I am. Of course they didn't have what I was looking for. I don't even know where one can drive to and find a physical CD to buy anymore. Is FYE still a thing? I don't even know. Kids these days. They don't know.

I went to Hallmark as well. Do they ever stop selling christmas ornaments? Or christmas ANYTHING? Some sort of clock went off while I was looking around. It did its little song, and ended with "HO-HO-HO!" What the eff. It's AUGUST. Whoever says it's never too early to shop for the next holiday needs to be punched in their goddamned face. Oh, and Safeway, these fucks. Well, even though there is no signage anywhere, they are selling Halloween size bags of fun-size candy in their "seasonal" aisle. Do they expect me to believe that this is just "normal" for summer? There's two and a half MONTHS before Halloween is a thing. You can't fool me, Safeway. Do I have two bags of mini boxes of Junior Mints in my house? Irrelevant.

Luis Suarez is a biting, diving piece of shit, and I hope any team he plays for never has any success. I watched the first leg of the "Supercopa de España", which pits last season's La Liga winner Real Madrid against last season's Copa del Rey winner, Barcelona. Real was up 1-0 when Suarez went down like an ass in the box. Real's goalie might have brushed him lightly, but the replay clearly shows Suarez diving like a baby. They converted the penalty to tie the game, but in a rare instance of karma and justice, Real scored twice more to win the leg and have a huge advantage going home for the final leg. Any other result would have been asinine. While I'm not a "fan" per se, I've favored Real Madrid over most other teams in Spain and overall in Europe. The Ronaldo fiasco during that game made me laugh. Everyone knows taking off your jersey is an instant yellow card, and he did that after scoring the game winner. Then he tripped, maybe was brushed against in the box on another chance, got a second yellow for simulation (which is what Suarez *should* have got), and was ejected from the game. Then he pushed the ref. HAHAHA, what a selfish person. They probably don't need him to win the second leg, but way to be ineligible for the next game. I guess he'll go back to his fancy cars, his big bank accounts, his celebrity friends, his beautiful women, and Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate of the Year... FUCK!

So, I have been working from home, trying to get an application up and running the entire time I've been editing this post. I think I managed to get it to the point where it's operational again. I also have one of those fierce headaches I get at the base of my brain that aches just enough that I can still function but sort of dread doing so. So it's time to get this published, then check and make sure the app is running so the people that use it can get back to work first thing this morning, and maybe life will go back to normal. Maybe. Or, I get two hours of sleep and this day turns into living hell.



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